Cost Management

Knightbridge team of experts offers a variety cost related services within a project.


During the planning phase of a project, knightsbridge’s team can assist our client in planning a unique and specific budget for their project or specific works.

Our ability to communicate with the market and suppliers allows us to assist our clients in obtaining the most optimal solution, price versus quality, for our clients in order for them to forecast the elements required to launch their project.

During this phase, our team of engineers and architects, will add valued knowledge of market trends and solutions and provide alternative design and material solutions if required.


During the acquisitions phase of a project, our team is able to assist our clients verify and prepare the tenders processes and document with suppliers and contractors in order to obtain the most optimal solution for our clients.

During this process our team will oversee the tender process; seek and negotiate with suppliers, verify quality and other requirements needed and offered in order to provide our clients the most cost, time and quality effective solution.

Cost Management

Cost Management is a process that is through the life cycle of a project.

Our role is to supervise the project from a financial perspective and offer alternative solutions to the on-going project with the purpose of adding value to the project.

Client oriented, dedicated, flexible and with vast knowledge of the market. They designed and oversaw the development of our projects within the agreed budget and time frame. They coordinated all parties involved. We continue and recommend to collaborate with Knightbridge’s team.

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