IT Solutions

With over 15 years of experience in logistics and operations, our team is recognized and awarded by trade associations and organizations, both at national and European level, meeting the demands of customers with tailor-made logistic solutions, aiming at contributing to a correct and harmonious development of any type of business – online or offline, B2B or B2C – irrespective of the business sector. The extended knowledge of the industry’s best practices offers scalability, flexibility and continuous optimization for the custom-designed solution in IT and business processes.

Knightbridge’s offers consulting services to clients in fields of logistics, operational organization, market development and in setting-up ebusiness platforms. With broad experience in Romania and abroad, can deliver services to manage 4PL and to act as a 5PL provider. This consulting service includes not only support in analysis, in strategy development and in conception, but also in realisation and in implementation to enable and insure a lean and stable new operations structure.

Other Serivces:

  • Mobile App. Development
  • Cyber Security & GDPR
  • Mixed Reality: VR&AR
  • Software Development
  • E-Commerce Applications
  • Work-flow Automation
  • Crypto currency & Blockchain

Client oriented, dedicated, flexible and with vast knowledge of the market. They designed and oversaw the development of our projects within the agreed budget and time frame. They coordinated all parties involved. We continue and recommend to collaborate with Knightbridge’s team.

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